Sophie R

Beginners Course 2017

Regular Student 

Just wanted to say thank you for being the best yoga teacher and encouraging me to live a happy and full life. Joining your yoga class has helped me in more ways then just an hour class a week and I will always be grateful for you introducing it to me! Have a relaxing and enjoyable rest of the week and I can’t wait for class on Monday!

Lots of love and thanks!



Lucy B 

Beginners Course 2017 

Regular Student  

I just want to say a MASSIVE thank you, I can honestly say coming to yoga and meeting you has changed my life in so many ways, it changes the way I view myself and others and that is down to you! You are a person I aspire to be with such a loving and caring nature it inspires me to be better everyday! 

Thank you again for being the best yoga teach a yogi can dream of! 

I look forward to many years practicing together 🧘🏼‍♀️🧘🏽‍♀️☀️🌜💐🌹🌿🌲🐇🦔🦒🦑🐝

Happy Summer solstice, lots and lots of love ❤️❤️❤️ 

Ria L 

Beginners Yoga 

Regular Student  2017

10/10! Having been practicing yoga on and off for several years with various local teachers I can honestly say that Marisela’s classes are the best by far. 
I attended the Beginners course to start, even though I didn’t class myself as a ‘beginner’, wow was I wrong. Going back to basics with Marisela and actually having someone take the time to explain about correct, strong and aligned poses and correct breathing techniques was a game changer. I’d recommend that all levels start with the beginners course, my practice has changed enormously from learning the foundations correctly. I have since attended both the Vinyasa Flow and the Rest and Restore classes, both of which are brilliant. 
Marisela’s classes are different to anything I have attended before. She continually helps to explain, realign and ensure you are safe in your practise, so that you aren’t just peaking at your neighbour guessing what to do next, you actually know and understand! 
This, combined with Marisela's clear passion and enthusiasm for what she teaches, helps you to learn and develop your practice, (she is completely inclusive of all ages, sexes experiences, abilities…) ensuring that everyone leaves feeling accomplished and relaxed. If anyone is thinking of giving yoga a go I cannot recommend Adorn Yoga enough, it’s even converted my non yoga husband into ‘one of those yoga people!’ with quite literally, life changing results.