Winter Solstice Sound Healing + Cacao Ceremony (120 mins) Sat 21st Dec 2pm -4pm


Winter Solstice Sound Healing + Cacao Ceremony (120 mins) Sat 21st Dec 2pm -4pm


A beautiful restful treat and experience for all those who participate. As we begin to feel the chill of the Winter season approaching. Instead of shuddering at the idea of the cold and darker months, We welcome it instead, with Joy. The Winter season is natures blessing and permission to allow us to rest and renew ourselves for when the light and warmth returns. The body and mind need to rest so that we can express the best versions of ourselves creatively and energetically.

We begin this ceremony with the help of Cacao. Cacao a powerful plant medicine and not to be taken lightly, will allow us to continue the rest of this session with an open heart and will encourage a blissful and relaxed state. Using ceremonial grade Cacao from the Amazon. Used for both healing and pleasure. The conquistadors certainly struck gold when they discovered the natives of the land drinking and farming the valueable Cacao bean. Ancient civilsations such as the Inca’s, Mayans and Aztecs regarded the Cacao bean more sacred and of higher value than gold!

In this 120 minute practise you will absorb both the benefits fo Cacao and Sound waves together. The Cacao opens the gateway of the heart by softening and releasing emotional blockages within us. We can access the deep inner guides within us that allows us (especially at this time of year) to find forgiveness in ourselves and others. As individuals, everyone experiences of Cacao is different. Along side the healing powers of Sound therapy this session will boost positivity within, helping you to feel blissed out and help you re-align with who you really are.

We will drink a specially prepared Cacao drink as an offering before settling down (You will be laid down for the majority of the session) and allowing the sound waves from the various musical instruments wash over you.

Spaces are limited.

THIS EVENT IS NON REFUNDABLE - You are welcome to sell your ticket on (this is down to you)

What to wear/bring

  • Comfortable clothing/ socks (wear layers)

  • A bottle of water

  • A pillow for your head and another for under the knees (if you wish)

  • A warm blanket/s

  • A yoga mat

  • Optional - Eye pillow

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