NEW Relaxing + Restorative Yoga (75 minute) class

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NEW Relaxing + Restorative Yoga (75 minute) class


Today more than ever we are stressed, we feel tired and for some of us the notion of giving ourselves a little self care feels far to indulgent. The reality is though, when we don’t give ourselves time to really surrender + relax, we are not honouring natures rule of balance. In order for the body + mind to be in harmony we need balance. This Restorative Yoga Class, gives you the opportunity to do just that.

As you come into class, this time is sacred space. A time for letting go and surrendering to any attachments in your life that are quite frankly messing with your energy levels and when your vibe is affected this has a habit of affecting you mentally and physically.

In Restorative Yoga we use props to aid us in various poses - where we will settle and rest. This class is not dynamic at all, we focus more on relaxation and breathe work, poses are few but benefits are plentiful.

This class is perfect for anyone who is stressed, recovering from injury and wants to incorporate more balance and relaxation into their life.

NOTE from Marisela (Yoga Teacher)

Personally, restorative yoga is the class I have needed the most (at times), but appealed to me less; and I don’t know why. Since incorporating more relaxing asana’s (poses) into my weekly practise. I have been more efficient in my everyday life. I turn up calm, rested and relaxed. I wouldn’t be without it! Seeing + feeling the benefits it has had for me , it feels so wonderful to be able to provide this and pass this feeling onto others.

What to expect - Class environment

A soft and peaceful ambience is set with tranquil music, candles, gentle fragrance and essential oils. At times some guided meditation / Yoga nidra techniques may be given to aid your relaxation and help you journey into a peaceful and blissful space, mind body + spirit.

  • Limited to 8 Spaces.

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  • Advisable to wear comfy clothing such as Yoga clothes. Bringing layers with you is advisable also to keep warm.

  • All props are supplied (if you like your own blanket + eye pillow please feel free to bring)

  • Bring a bottle of water.

  • Classes are held at the Dance Studio, Fremantle School, Winslow, MK18 3QU

  • Please arrive 10 mins before class starts , remove shoes, use the toilet, be calm before entering.

  • This class is non- refundable, please make sure you can make the date before booking your space.

  • In the event that you have to cancel your place , you may transfer to someone else (this will be down to you to sort) please email me to inform me of changes to

  • LATENESS/ ARRIVING LATE please note you will not be permitted entry if you are more than 5 minutes late. (door Is locked from the inside) This is important as so not to disturb others, If you are bringing in your own props and you arrive just in time, please use the studio props instead as this will mean less noise disturbance to other students. presence. Please plan to get to class in plenty of time.