Yoga for Beginners Class

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Yoga for Beginners Class

from 12.00

New to 2019. Yoga classes for Beginners.

“ And suddenly you know…… it’s time to start something new and trust the magic of beginnings.”

Whether you are brand new to yoga or maybe you prefer a more gentle way of moving, stretching and relaxing (including those post -natal*). Then this is the class for you.

This class is perfect for anyone wanting to get back to your yoga practise as a gentle stepping stone leading to a more stronger practise (example: Vinyasa or Hatha flow) Moving gently through yoga poses can really open us up to so much more than just a good stretch. Combining breathe and movement allows the mind to settle, It can allow clarity and feelings of calm and restfulness. At practise we will always start gently and slowly giving us time to appreciate whats going on within us - sometimes stress in our personal or professional lives can change the way we feel. The body will let you know! Trust that you have all that you need to heal/ nourish and nurture the body and mind within you. Adorn Yoga classes are friendly and inviting. To learn more about your teacher (Marisela) please read the ABOUT page.

This class will run every Monday 6:15 - 7:15pm at the Fremantle School, Winslow, MK18 3GH. Please note spaces in these classes are kept to a low number so that there is a good teacher - student ratio.

Mats + Props are provided


4 Weeks for £40 - This option is for those that can commit to 4 weeks consecutive practise.


£12 per class - For those who would like to attend class but cannot commit to 4 weeks of consecutive practise.

Please make sure when you have paid to email Marisela at to specify when you would like to attend class (specify date)

Hear what Adorn Yoga students say:

‘What a GEM! Warm, nurturing,generous and compassionate. I cannot say enough good things about Marisela as a person and as a yoga teacher. I suffered with severe back pains for many years. After I started to come to Marisela’s classes, my pains disappeared. It doesn’t matter if you are new to yoga or if you have been doing it for years. This is a non judgmental, friendly environment that is conducive to growth, change, and healing. Marisela is incredible and you can tell she really loves and cares about everyone.’ V. Hing

‘It is such a joy to to attend Marisela's yoga classes. She teaches with such clarity and enthusiasm. In particular, she puts across the true spirit of the philosophy of yoga, not just 'on the mat', but in the whole of our lives. My physical body, my breath and my whole self has benefitted so much by my frequent attendance at Marisela's classes. Inspirational, thank you.’ A.Solomon

"Where shall I begin, having joined Marisela's class a year ago, I have and am enjoying my yoga practice immensely & have added to my practice as the year has progressed because I enjoy the way Marisela teaches yoga.

Marisela makes all classes a real joy to take part in, she has a calm patient spirit coupled with kindness that overspills into each & every class. She is mindful of your positions and ensures each person is correctly aligned, she encourages you to push your boundaries & offers something new to each lesson, paying special attention to spiritual festivals throughout the year by sharing stories that warm your heart along with offering her energy, light & love with us all" J. Pearson

Payment options:
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  • Class passes are non refundable

  • You must inform Adorn Yoga when you would like to attend by email

  • All students of Adorn Yoga will receive a weekly ‘booking’ email you can amend/cancel or check to see you booking on this email.

  • Your 4 week class pass will start from 1st class attended. If you miss a class, this is not extended.

  • PAYG students if you cancel on/less than 12 hrs from when class starts your class fee is forfeit. All classes must be paid for on little notice. On more than 12 hours notice prior to class starting you can cancel your booking and change the date by emailing me .