Equinox + Solstice 'Sound Healing Bath' Session

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Equinox + Solstice 'Sound Healing Bath' Session

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As in nature, it is the same in us. The rise and fall of light and shadow, light and warmth rising means for more energy and a clearing of stagnation in the body + mind. Shadow and coolness descends and is time for us to nourish, nurture and rest…

For thousands of years, sound healing and therapy has been used to move or dispell stagnant energies in the body. The Ancient Egyptians connected with the Earths frequencies to give the people power, Yes they had the technology to tune into the Earths Sound waves and realise its potential

Sound waves are all around us, Some to low to hear but the ones that we can hear and that have a vibrational feel - literally resonate through us! Our bodies are made up of 70% water (some studies show higher) sound travels through water better than air so the body literally allow sounds waves to pass through it.

These sound waves shift blockages and get the primal flow within us moving… For example.. Imagine a narrow river flowing but somewhere the water’s flow is slowing down, Lots of debris, waste and litter is building up and the river is no longer running freely or clearly. …..Imagine a massive earthquake rumbling and shaking and all of a sudden this blockage dislodges and gets carried down stream in small particles ……. the river is free to flow clean again and with that, its natural energy is restored.

NOW imagine this river being the channels within the body and mind. Imagine the juices of your blood and the clarity of the water within you (the stuff that hydrates all your organs and tissues, Imagine those inner rivers becoming clogged with negative thoughts or physical stiffness…. now imagine it would take a BIG rumble to shift these things.,. well the power of sound can do that! ….

Allowing the sonic waves of the Gong to wash over you and through you is all you need to do. Be open to the tones and sound of the gong can result in so many physical benefits in the body + mind. By relaxing as much as you can, you will melt into a dreamlike state (not asleep, not awake) getting into this deeply relaxed state allows the following benefits to take place:-

BENEFITS of Gong Bath Therapy
- Improves and promotes blissful sleep
- Reduces stress
- Anxiety & depression
- An emotional release
- Gives clarity of mind
- Overall sense of ease & well being
- Releases stuck energy


Celebrating the 4 changes in light in our calendar year. The Sun, the source of all life on earth has been worshipped for generations by many civilisations. The Equinox’s mark the times the Sun is highest and lowest in the sky. The source of all life on Earth. The Equinoxes have been a celebration of the changes that occur and have been linked to the cycle of our human life, from birth to death. We can become attuned to the Sun + Moon phases the natural cosmic calendar with the therapeutic healing sounds of the Gong. Allowing the sound waves to vibrate through us and shift our energies ready for the season ahead. When we are in tune with nature and its rhythmic cycles it promotes well being within us, we instantly become calmer, more at peace and more energized as we are following natures pattern.

Spring - Birth/ Newness and Growth/ Inspire/ Day dream

Summer - Life/ bloom/ Burst/ Energy/ Passion

Autumn - Middle age/ Wisdom/ Reflection/ Slowing down

Winter - Old age/ Rest/ Sleep/ Hibernation/ Returning our borrowed energy back to the earth.


Tailored just for you to see you through 2019. Is our Equinox Gong Packages. Come shift your vibrations.

Equinox Queen ‘Rise Light + Shadow’ £75

All the Equinoxes! You are a die hard fan of the Cosmos. You believe in the sacred powers of the Divine Feminine Mother Earth and her relationship with the Sun, the Moon and the Stars and you are ready to embrace 2019 with some vibrational shifts. Make way for our Queens!

*FREE ‘Ritual Kit’ ( A queen needs her crystals!) if purchased before 3rd March 2019

* available whilst stocks last

Equinox Embrace £40

The perfect package to Embrace both Shadow and Light. This package is suited for those who wish to welcome the Light in Spring/Summer and Embrace the Darkness in Autumn/ Winter.

Choosing either Spring or Summer to attend for embracing the Light. Autumn or Winter for the Shadow.

Book your space at time of booking, this can be changed at any point pending on space available.

Equinox Explorer £25

Therapeutic powers you say ?…..hmmm let me delve in with an open mind and heart let me listen and let go as the Gongs vibrational powers travel through me, Book me in!


Spaces are limited, please book early to avoid disappointment. 


  • Blanket/s , Cushion/ Bolster/ Yoga Mat/ Water for hydration

PLEASE ARRIVE FOR A PROMPT START . Once the doors are closed this marks the start of the session and the door will not be opened.


Spring - Sun 17th March 2:45 - 4:15 pm

Summer - Sun 23rd June 2:45- 4:15 pm

Autumn - Sun 8th Sept 2:45 - 4:15 pm

Winter - Sat 21st Dec 4- 5:15 pm

Gong Packages:
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Please read through all the information on the Events + Workshop page before purchase. 

 Gong Baths are not suitable for:-
- 1st-trimester pregnancy
- Epilepsy
- Diagnosed mental health conditions such as bipolar & 

There is no refund or exchanges on this item.