Diwali Celebratory Yoga Flow Class Sunday 27th October 5 - 7:30 pm


Diwali Celebratory Yoga Flow Class Sunday 27th October 5 - 7:30 pm


Celebrating the Festival of Light, Diwali. Open to all who wish to receive Diwali with love in their hearts and space in the mind.

In this time you will experience the healing and nourishing properties of Cacao, we drink this beautiful plant medicine to soften our hearts. The Cacao’s natural properties stimulate the bliss chemicals within the brain, this makes us feel relaxed and feelings of contentment can be experienced.

As we open our hearts to the Ancient story behind the celebrations of Diwali we start to move our bodies and shift our awareness as we embody the characters through a celebratory and vibrant Yoga flow!

A fun, friendly and heartwarming 2.5 hrs, celebrating the Divine Light from within.

Feel free to wear your most colourful yoga clothes.

There will be savoury + sweet treats after class.


St Laurence Rooms, Winslow. MK18 3AB

Parking available in front of venue.


Open to all who have yoga experience.

If you are injuried you are welcome to attend however you may have to sit out the physical practise, please let me know at the time of booking.

Spaces are limited.

  • Please bring a Blanket for Savasana (relaxation time) and socks for the hall.

  • A bottle of water

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NOTES Terms + Conditions of Booking

  • Mats are available but are limited, I would always recommend bringing your own mat to feel more comfortable. If you would like a mat please let me know by

  • Please note you are responsible for your own body. At Adorn Yoga we practise body intelligence. In Adorn Yoga classes, you come into poses at your own free will and exonerate Marisela Ream/ Adorn By M/ Adorn Yoga for any injuries occurred. Please be mindful and respect the limitations of the body. Guidance into a pose will always be explained and shown but you are the only person in the driving seat. If something does not feel right, please come out of the pose.

  • Refund + Exchanges are not available with this event.


  • Adviseable to bring a bottle of water for hydration.

  • Do not eat anything heavy / meal for at least 1.5hrs before attending class

  • In this class we cannot meet dietary requirements, If you are allergic to nuts (no matter how minute the allergy is, I would not recommend attending this event unfortunately we cannot meet all dietary requirements.

  • Socks/ Blanket for relaxation toward the end of class.