Spring Awakening- Why being connected to all seasons is important for the collective wellbeing of us all and and the Earth

Why is it so important for us to be in tune with nature and its cyclical movement.

As Spring awakens at this point in time mid way through March, we are surrounded with reminders of the abundance of life, the birds are singing, the buds blooming and everything around us is GROWING!

As the Sun stays up longer in our skies we begin to fill more awakened and more energized. This is not a coincidence. Ancient civilisations such as the Inka’s and Mayans and later the Ancient Egyptians, recorded the seasons and observed the Sun + Moon cycles and led their lives in accordance with them. They didn’t choose to reinvent the Wheel, they got onboard and through this became so wise and in tune with the natural ryhthms of the earth, that I believe their powers of connecting to energies that we have long become disconnected too, was their ultimate power. These civilisations knew the best times to move, re-locate, what to eat. when to sow seed and when to harvest along with so many other things like how to draw up on the Earths energies (only through greed is why we are paying for energy like electricity now… but that's for another story!) Modern day research shows that it is important to eat with the cycles of nature and only consume food that naturally is grown at the time you are eating it. Eating seasonally is not only better for your health, it also promotes balance with both the earth's resources and its life forms.

So its not just eating seasonally that helps promote balance within us and the Earth but also remembering that we are all just one radiating frequency. Our hearts are beating, the earths core is turning, the waves are in motion back + forth and the Sun + Moon in perfect sync with the it's rise + fall pattern.

In our western modern day lives we have become so unattuned and disconnected to the natural rhythms we feel so out of balance.

Being in harmony with these frequencies can feel liberating and can actually change the brains state into a healing one. Every religion and ancient civilisation on the planet has celebrated the seasons with singing, music, and dance. The Sufis for example orchestrate their ritual cycles based on the movements of the planets + earth in its turning.

When we all sing together or dance in rhythm together their is a feeling of connectivity. When we are in connection with each other we feel a coherence with other people and the land, it lifts the heart and we feel empowered.

Sound therapy healing can also help with this as the sound waves bring our inner frequencies into a state of harmonious balance (see Equinox Gong Baths in Events tab for more info on how to bring your inner frequencies back in check)

To draw us back into a state of balance we need our inner frequencies re-attuning (think musical instrument) we are an instrument of frequencies, we ve just been numbed down by over stimulation from our phones and TV's.

If you think about what nature is doing right now - the dormant seeds are stirring in the soil the sun is warming up and the daylight hours in our Northern Hemisphere are getting lighter. The rising of movement is awakening and we begin to see growth.

Metaphorically we can think of the growing that we can do, learning from the previous 2 seasons before and after a period of reflection and dormancy (Winter period characteristic) we become new again, a dramatic phrase but lovely all the same, we become re-born, All new opportunities can come our way. We can use the seasons as time points. At this point in time it is good to adopt positive habits, leave old negative habits in the past (don’t bother to look back and ponder on them, don’t waste your new awakened energy…..

LESSON : How to.work with nature this Spring.

1) Leave old negative habits behind.. you know what they are! Say goodbye + close that door

2) Give yourself ‘Ground to Grow’ believe in the newness of spring, the new buds of opportunity….. don’t allow your self to get caught up in the past… (you cant change it.. the world has moved on and so have you! You are a little bit older, a little bit wiser and now knowing this knowledge .. you know what to do! :)

3) Get your Instrument (your body + mind) re attuned and re-aligned with nature for a balanced lifestyle and wellbeing. A more balanced you, will help others to re align also!

. There is a number of ways you can do this:

  • Meditiate

  • Eat seasonal fruit + veg. Make sure you take extra vitamins if you don't happen to get enough sunlight

  • Walk barefoot, feel the soil / earth beneath your feet and in between your toes.. Lush! don’t squirm, it feels soo good! :)

  • Attend Gong Baths in line with the Equinox (See events for details) Regular sessions release stagnant energies and helps the natural flow within.

  • Get out in nature, rain, wind, sun feel the weather, touch the earth. reach for the sky, feel the wind in your hair and the rain in your skin

  • Find a freshwater lake you can swim in - A totally cool way to feel alive.