Bloom + Grow! Practises we can do, to consciously deepen our connection with the Earth.


I'm back with another Blog Post and this time I thought to write a bit about my home practises and how I like to connect and deepen my connection with Mother Earth and her beautiful offerings. Especially as this week in my Yoga classes, we are connecting to all of the elements that we have practised together over the past few weeks.  All these practises remind me to remain mindful + present in the moment.

I have always loved nature especially plants (I'm very green fingered) I love walking in woods in open fields and feel very safe and connected when sat on the grass or by a tree. Although I love the sea and Ocean air. I love having my feet firmly grounded. I know a lot of you love walking and being out in nature whether with your dog/s or just having a stroll. It is very important to be outside at some point in your day and connect with the AIR + EARTH element in this way. Maybe sitting outside reading a book/ listening to the birds or just watching a plant , absorbing its textures + colours, the way it moves in the wind.  If you are lucky to live near a river/stream or have a natural pond near by connecting to the WATER element to is incredible healing and rejuvenating for us all. Just 15 minutes outside can change the way we feel.. try it. Xx

Your body is so intelligent! It knows what to do with the oxygen the trees provide, you don’t have to tell it to breathe it just will. Drawing your intention back to the breathe is so grounding for us and helps us to relax almost instantly.  Each breathe is a blessing, remember this and the GRATITUDE you offer as you receive AIR brings us into a state of relaxation + calm. 

LESSON 1) Be out + about in nature for some part of your day. Breathe, Inhale slowly + deeply, offer Gratitude to the lungs of our world our trees - without them we cannot live. 

Eating more plant-based foods.  I'm not going to tell you what you should or should not eat, that is your choice. What I will say is by incorporating more veggies into your diet and I mean lots more including fruits + nuts. The body can absorb this food. Foods that it cant absorb easily is anything synthetic or highly processed. Being more mindful about what you consume is important not just for your health but also the planet. 
If you can, choose Organic otherwise PLEASE wash your fruits + veggies thoroughly. Fruits  + veggies at low cost are heavily sprayed with chemicals 1) to help it grow quickly so it can go from 'soil to shelf' in a matter of days. Pesticides are SO toxic for our bodies and for the landscape + wildlife!  Please be mindful. ADORE + respect your temple (your body) give it goodness + nourishment by eating simpler foods.  Eating natural foods deepens our connection with the Earth as we see and feel the rawness of the soil between the leaves of a Leek and the powdery coating of soil on potatoes, grown from the EARTH and in direct relationship with the SUN + WATER. We recycle this energy as we consume this natural energy,

LESSON 2)  Be mindful about what you eat, remembering your body can process natural foods.  Mother Earth provides, she has a beautiful relationship with the Sun. The source of all energy here on Earth, together with the water element  (Dew in the morning + rain from the clouds) the Earth provides food for all life forms. 

 Set a daily Intention, Meditate, Practise Yoga, Take a nap, Hold space for practise. I practise rituals daily and im sure you all do too without really realising it.  Like that first cup of tea of the day. Take 10 minutes to just be and drink your tea. Try not to rush about ( I know it can be hard if you have young kids, but even getting up 10 minutes earlier so you can sit with your drink and set your intention of the day. 

Intentions such as 'everyone I meet today, I shall smile at'. OR  I will only invite positive thoughts into my mind today. 

Setting Daily intention can really help you stay mindful in your daily activities, over time setting intentions becomes second nature and  coming back to those intentions becomes easier over time. ALSO so important give yourself time to take a nap (even just 10 minutes) during the day, let yourself relax, surrender to the breathe, take time to 'let' go of that you cannot change, and anything not serving you. Life can sometimes take turns we didn’t predict or account for but sometimes if we let go of this desire to always control and just be with it we are literally surrendering to the FLOW just like WATER. 

LESSON 3) Set yourself Daily Intentions, make time for you (and just you!) This will help you to show up in the best possible light.

And the most important one..... ' be at ease and be comfortable with your boundaries!' We are all too quick to say 'YES' when actually this doesn’t come from a place of truth. Saying Yes  to avoid disappointing others is actually really draining on our energy.  We often get stuck in a rut of habitual practise of just agreeing to anything. Try expressing yourself from a place of honesty and truth which in turn  promotes self respect and clarity from within.  Courage and inner FIRE strength is required at times.

LESSON 4) Honouring your boundaries. Learn to speak your truth daily, open and with all honesty. Speak + do from a place of honesty within. 

I hope these steps help you to be in alignment with yourself but also help guide you into a more mindful practise that you can apply daily. Helping to promote happiness within.

Love + Blessings

Marisela Xxx